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Got questions on how to start a yoga practice?

I'm new to yoga. What class is best?

Most of our classes are beginner friendly. You can let your instructor know upon arrival that you are new. Watch others in the class and listen to the prompts from your instructor. You will catch on quickly! Find a spot in the back of the class so you can observe more people easily. Everyone starts somewhere, and at SOS you're right where you should be!

Can children attend?

We welcome all ages to our classes. You know your child best, and if they can participate in the class safely and without disrupting others, they are more than welcome to join. Our classes are one hour, typically including a 10-minute savasana. Children can attend with a paid adult, but events do require children to pay.

What makes classes different?

Review our class descriptions for more information. But typically, restorative and yin classes are less effort, on the ground, and hold poses longer. They are slow and restful. Peaceful/slow flows are spent on the ground and in standing poses, but with a slower pace and less intense asanas. Vinyasa flow is a typical yoga class with time on the ground and in standing and balancing poses, and strength/power gets your heart rate going a little faster. Hatha yoga is a traditional style of yoga, but without the flow of vinyasa, you get into different poses more mindfully. Try them all to see your favorite style.

How do I attend?

You can pay per class, buy a multi-class pack, or buy an unlimited membership!  We also offer discounted long-term memberships at certain times during the year. Workshops and special events are at an additional charge and not included in memberships.

Sign up on the FitDegree app and choose us at your Fit Spot. You can then sign the waiver and sign up for your classes. Your first class is free.

Link to set up FitDegree

Direct Link to our FitDegree FitSpot

Where are you located?

We are on Route 47, in downtown Yorkville, between YPAC and Rowdy's. Park behind the building, look for our sign and enter up the green steps. You cannot enter from the Route 47 entrance.

Do I need supplies?

We have extra mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets. If you want to bring your own mat, it's a good idea, but we always have extra! Wear something comfy, and take off your socks and shoes at the door.

Do you have gift cards?

To purchase a digital gift card, click here. You can purchase in any amount.

I don't see the intro offer, help!

If you've already attended a free class of any kind, you won't see the Intro Offer of your first month for $50. Please contact us or purchase in person at a class!

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