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Meet the SOS Teachers

Owner Tairi Grace LCSW, 500 RYT is influenced by many styles and methodologies of yoga. In 2011, she opened Sense of Samadhi Yoga Studio, which is registered with Yoga Alliance. Shortly after opening, Sense of Samadhi also became a 200-hour teaching school. 


Our yoga instructors have their 200-hour yoga teacher certification, and many have gone on to receive additional training. Several of them assist with our annual yoga teacher training program.


Tairi Grace, Owner, 500RYT

Tairi Grace LCSW, 500 RYT is influenced by many styles and methodologies of yoga. She is a licensed clinical social worker and has been in private practice for over 14 years. She began studying yoga to find a non traditional approach to wellness that incorporated holistic healing.

Tairi leads Monday 9:30 am Restorative Yoga, Thursday 7 pm Candlelight Flow, and Saturday 9:15 am Powerful Flow.


Paul Hansen, 200CYT + Meditation Teacher

Paul is an RYT 200 and the meditation teacher at Sense of Samadhi. Years of meditation, spiritual practice, and yoga have led Paul on the path to help others. This coupled with a personal battle with drug and alcohol addiction makes Paul both a learned and empathetic coach. Paul models his teaching style after peaceful and holistic modalities which generally includes breath work and meditation.

Paul leads Tuesday 7 pm Mindful Flow and Tuesday 8:15 pm Meditation Sangha.


Lesli Gresholdt 200CYT +
Studio Manager

Lesli completed her 200-hour training through Sense of Samadhi in 2020. She also has certifications in trauma-informed, restorative and yin yoga. Her love for yoga grew as she looked for somatic approaches to mind and body healing. She enjoys a mindful, peaceful class balanced with moments of challenge, incorporating her love of different styles of music, poetry and meditation.

Lesli teaches Monday 6 pm Vinyasa Flow, Monday 7:15 pm SoulFlow and Friday 9:30 am SoulFlow. Every other Wednesday at 9:30 am she teaches Yin|Vin Flow.


Natalie Arwood, 500 CYT

Natalie completed her 200-hour training through Sense of Samadhi in 2020, and her 500-hour training in 2023. She also has certifications in trauma-informed, ashtanga and yin yoga. 

Natalie teaches every other Wednesday at 9:30 am Yin|Vin Flow, Sundays 9:15 am Swara Slow Flow and Sundays 10:30 am Ashtanga Flow. 


Michelle Schaefer, 200CYT

Michelle completed her 200-hour training through Sense of Samadhi in 2021. She has been a stay at home mom for the last 12 years and worked in the corporate world prior to that. Yoga helps her relax, feel calm, let the stress of the day melt away, and let her mind be still. It helped her find direction in her life. She hopes to help others as she guides them through their practice.

Michelle leads Thursday 9:30 am Morning Slow Flow and 8 am restorative on alternate weeks.


Allie Fule, 200CYT

Allie completed her 200 hour teacher training through sense of Samadhi in October 2021. She also enjoys aerial dancing, hiking, and music. Allie plans to get her certification in aerial yoga this fall.

Allie teaches 6 pm vinyasa flow Thursdays.


Jessica Wyatt, 200CYT +
Certified Sound Healer

Jessica completed her 200 hour teacher training at Sense of Samadhi in 2022. She is also a certified sound healing therapy practitioner.


She teaches Wednesday 6 pm Slow Flow and Wednesday 7:15 pm Sunset Restorative with sound healing during the full hour.


Lilly Turnbow, 200CYT

Lilly completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2022 at SOS. She started yoga to improve her mental health and to stay grounded. As a nanny and 2023 high school graduate, she enjoys working with children and hopes to bring more kids her age into the yoga community, but her class is for all ages. If you have a teen or tween that is interested in yoga, Lilly’s class would be a great place to start.

Lilly teaches 1 pm Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays.


Kim Illingworth, 200CYT 

Kim holds our monthly Reiki Restorative events incorporating energy healing with yoga and sound healing. She is a 200-hour graduate of the Sense of Samadhi teacher training.


Her Reiki Restorative events are the first Friday evening of the month. 


Amanda Lamorte, 200CYT

Amanda is a School Social Worker, LCSW, and mama of four whose passion lies in cultivating a sense of inner peace, balance, interconnectedness, and compassion through intentional yoga practice. Guiding through a healing-centered lens, Amanda infuses a variety of modalities, including trauma informed work, somatic experiencing, and the enneagram system to explore the self through mind/body wellness practices.

She teaches every other Saturday 8 am restorative.


Rachel Bernard, yoga teacher in training, 200CYT

Rachel is now in the final months of her 200-hour yoga certification at SOS. Yoga has brought her

so much closer to her authentic center, and her hope is to evoke a sense of wonder through her vinyasa class - incorporating Reiki vibrations and an ancient flute to

bring you down to earth and soothe the spirit.


She will be teaching Wonder Flow on Tuesdays at 9:30 am. 


Join our Studio

If you're a dynamic, engaging teacher looking to join our team, contact us today. Teachers are paid based on experience, and receive a complimentary unlimited monthly membership ($100 value).


Shoot us a message to see if we are currently hiring. 

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