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Our Current Schedule

Schedule subject to change. Check our FitDegree site for the most accurate schedule and to sign up for classes. Your first class is free or your first month is $50. We have tons of special events as well!


9:30 am Restorative (Tairi)
6 pm Vinyasa Flow (Lesli)


5:30 am Sunrise Power (Cynthia)
9:30 am FitFlow (Erica)
7 pm Mindful Flow (Paul)

8 pm Meditation (free!)


9:30 am Gentle Flow (Amanda)
6 pm FitFlow (Erica)
7:15 pm Sunset Restorative (Jessica)


5:30 am Sunrise Power (Cynthia)
9:30 am Morning Slow Flow (Michelle)

7 pm Candlelight Flow (Tairi)


9:30 am SoulFlow (Lesli)


8 am Restorative (Amanda/Michelle)
9:15 am Vinyasa Flow (Tairi)


9:15 am Swara Slow Flow (Natalie)
4 pm Joyful Flow with Sound Healing (free!) (Jess)

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Our classes are located on the FitDEGREE app.
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Your first class is free or your first month is $50!

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We believe that yoga can fit the needs of anyone who wishes to try it. You can have any kind of body type, be any age, be fit or unfit, have injuries, be flexible, or, for that matter, feel mostly inflexible. All bodies are different, and yoga is as much about getting stronger as it is about becoming more flexible.

Tairi Grace

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